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10 Mum Coffee Facts

As many of you know I am a self-confessed coffee lover, motherhood would be a very different journey (in my mind) without a good old cup of coffee. Here is 10 highly scientific mum facts about coffee (ok am kidding about the scientific part).

1. There is little that can't be solved by a cup of coffee.

2. Pair coffee with hanging out with your best friend and all the world's problems will melt away (even the worst tantrum in the history of tantrums doesn't seem so bad).

3. Coffee is an excuse to sit down for five minutes (even if that five becomes two minutes).

4. Coffee is calorie-free. So it's fat-free, sugar-free and guilt-free.

5. Children cannot have it, so it can't be shared....unlike EVERYTHING else!

6. It helps to stop children climbing all over you: "careful hot coffee". So it's actually child barrier of some description.

7. Coffee does not ask why.

8. Coffee makes early mornings ever so much more bearable.

9. We are not judgmental when it comes to coffee - any type will do.

10. You know you are truly tired (urm exhausted) when you can still fall asleep after a cup of coffee (if given the chance).

So who's up for a cuppa?

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

(aka self-confessed coffee addict).

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