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Virtual Toddler Talk (Nov 9)

Virtual Toddler Talk (Nov 9)

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Join Dr Julie for a toddler food virtual talk on Wednesday the 9th of Nov 2022 (7.30pm).

Due to the ongoing COVID outbreak these are virtual so anyone can access this essential help and there will be no need to reschedule - also you can do so from the comfort of your home. 

Timing will be in NZ time but you will get to keep the recording afterwards.

All of the big topics of toddler food will be covered including:

*The science of toddlers

*Fussy eating

*Practical strategies for meal time battles

*Toddler milk

*Introducing grains and more.

Those watching and tuning in live will be able to ask Dr Julie all of your questions.

There will be special discounts available exclusively to ticket holders of this virtual talk series as well.

Link to the zoom is on your ticket (PDF) which you download (click 'view your order') 

The virtual starting solids session will be held on the morning on this day see tickets here