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Melbourne Coffee Group 14th July 10.00am

Melbourne Coffee Group 14th July 10.00am

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In person coffee group presentation with Dr Julie in Melbourne!

Dr Julie is coming to Melbourne Thursday 14th July (2022) and is available to be booked for a starting solids coffee group presentation at 10:00am. This event is to secure your booking. 

How it Works:

These are held at a hosts home - just in the living room or a space that is best for you. 

Dr Julie will deliver a comprehensive presentation on starting solids with your coffee group/small group. Covering all the big topics including when to start, what to start on, how to start , allergenic foods and more.

These presentations involve a talk for about an hour with loads of question and one-on-one time (so is a 90min booking).

These are ideal to do when your babies are around three-four months old in preparation for this next stage of parenting!


These presentations are $30/person with a minimum of five people to book. This ticket purchase serves as the deposit for the booking and covers five people. Additional people can join in on the day at the $30/person rate. 

There will be eftpos facilities available as well as super specials on all of Dr Julie's books and products.