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Healthy Fundraising

Looking to raise funds and would like an easy and healthy option with no minimum numbers? Look no further! 

Dr Julie's Kitchen Fundraising Programme has been developed just for this!

Say goodbye to sugar-filled chocolate (which no one really wants more of in their homes), which also is single use throw away packaging (which the planet does not need any more of either!). 

We have selected Dr Julie's Kitchens top products which will give your community group some delicious, healthy, cost effective options to help you raise the funds you need to keep doing the amazing work you do! These are: 

*Slow Cooker Mixes (Devilled Sausages, Creamy Chicken and Tikka Masala)

*Gluten-Free Cookie Mixes (Chocolate & Ginger and White Chocolate).

How it Works?

1. Simply contact us here and we will get all the information you need - there is absolutely no minimum numbers required - no group is too small! We will provide all the forms, details and support you need.

2. Time to get selling! Show everyone those fantastic products and start taking

3. When you are ready, send us a consolidated order form via email and we sort all the invoicing. Our turn around time is very fast so you get those goodies right away.

Contact us here and get your fundraising going in a healthy, delicious way!