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Dr Julie's Mum Squad

Dr Julie's Mum Squad

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Time to GET STARTED with Dr Julie's Mum Squad!

This online group is run by Dr Julie alongside her trusted pre- and postnatal personal trainers, Cara McNaughton and Jess McGregor.

As mothers and evidence based health professionals they know intimately the changes that happen to your body after having a baby and the challenge of getting started with your wellbeing, especially exercise and good nutrition, into the 247 parenting gig. 

There is also know there is a wider picture too around a sever lack of sleep, limited family support and bucket loads of mum guilt for taking even a few minutes to yourself.

If you are looking for a place to get started and have ongoing support all from the comfort of your living room look no further! In this online group, for which you will have a life time access to you will get:

  • 3 LIVE workouts a week, including one specific postnatal session all of which you can replay back as well.
  • A private monthly Q & A on food and nutrition
  • Weekly check ins, goal setting and reflections
  • Special workshops
  • Support from a whole tribe of mums and much more!

Group Access - Your access to Dr Julie's Mum Squad is here and your request is approved once your membership is set up.

LIVE Workouts - As part of Dr Julie's Mums Squad you get 247 access to the Facebook group. There are three LIVE workouts each week (Monday night at 7.45, Tuesday morning at 9.30am and Thursday morning at 6am New Zealand time). These workouts stay up on the groups page so even if you cannot workout at these times you still get access to the sessions.

Equipment - You do not need any special equipment at all to get started and take part in the workouts. These can be done in your own home! You may like to have a cheap yoga mat to lie on more for your own comfort. We may suggest some other helpful equipment that you could use but all workouts are tailored so this is not essential.

Nutrition LIVE Q&A - One the last Wednesday night of each month both Dr Julie and Cara host a private LIVE Q & A this is your time to ask them questions on both exercise and nutrition and see the exercise of the month in action. Please note that under the Health Practitioners Act, outside of the LIVES neither Dr Julie or Cara can answer individual specific questions online in the group however other members can (this is why there is the chance to do this on all the LIVES).

Challenges and Workshops - As part of Dr Julie's Mums Squad there will be challenges to help keep you motivated! At certain time points there will also be special workshops and events just for members.

Membership - The cost of the membership is a one-off fee for a lifetime membership, there is no ongoing costs to be part of the group.

Medical Clearance - It is required that you must be cleared for exercise by your LMC, GP or another medical professional before joining this group. While Cara will endevour to tailor the workouts to the needs of the group and provide alternative exercises for those with injury, you are solely responsible for ensuring you have a sufficient degree of fitness and physical capability to participate in the exercise format provided and/or to seek professional advice from a medical professional if you are unsure.

Terms & Conditions - For full terms and conditions of Dr Julie's Mums Squad please refer to these on the full website Terms and Conditions