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Mum Squad: Virtual Workshop

Mum Squad: Virtual Workshop

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Tuesday 30th March - 7pm-9pm - Online

As women, taking care of our own wellbeing, while carrying the huge mental load we do is very challenging. Typically our wellbeing comes last or falls off completely. In addition when we go through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period there are some huge physical changes that take place. Your body needs time and careful support to recover and regain strength. 

Dr Julie Bhosale and Cara McNaugton (head trainer of the mum squad, pre-and postnatal personal training specialist) know how hard this can be and also how confusing a lot of current advise it. Both mums themselves they also understand you want to start figuring out this new body of yours - and are here to help with a special, intimate evening virtual workshop. 

This workshop is designed to give you time to consider different parts of your own wellbeing in a more intimate setting and get more individualised help. Perfect if you have previously attended Dr Julie's sugar, hormone and sleep talk.
As part of this 2 hour workshop you will get:

- Tailored nutrition advice, meal planning help and a food demo by Dr Julie 
- A guided meditation and restorative session 
- A complete check for abdominal separation and TVA activation and guidance on your current exercise plan.
- Time to connect with both Dr Julie, Cara and other mums. 

This workshop is designed just for all women - you do not need to be a mum or pregnant to take part.

This is a virtual workshop held via zoom - ideal for those outside of Auckland and New Plymouth where the physical workshops are being held in person or for those unable to make the dates of these.
It will be a super helpful evening of essential wellbeing tips, nutrition and hormones advice, movement, laughs, nourishing treats and being looked after by Dr Julie and Cara. 

Tickets are limited to 15 to ensure quality time. Book now to ensure you don’t miss out!