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Mum Squad: Sugar, Hormones & Exercise - Virtual Event

Mum Squad: Sugar, Hormones & Exercise - Virtual Event

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Wednesday 10th March - 2021 7pm-9pm - Online

Join Dr Julie and Cara for their popular Mum Squad evening session - virtually - covering key wellbeing topics of sugar, hormones, sleep, and exercise...and how they all interact.

This session is particularly focused on the changes that happen during pregnancy, the postpartum period and beyond (postpartum is for life) but is relevant for all women - it is never too early or too late to get this vital information which will help you to understand some of the ongoing struggles we face as women with our wellbeing and some practical places to start. 

Co-creators of the Dr. Julie’s Mum Squad both Dr. Julie and Cara (a qualified personal trainer specialising in postnatal exercise) are very experienced and passionate about postnatal nutrition, exercise & wellbeing.

Dr. Julie will be providing an informative session on the relationship between sugar, hormones, energy and fat loss - plus the impact of sleep loss/deprivation (which can occur many years after having a baby). Cara will also be providing information on exercise and weight training inline this especially with the changes post baby and the best movement when you are time limited.

This is a VIRTUAL event - held via zoom - so you can interact with Dr Julie and Cara all from the comfort of your living room. 

This is perfect for women of all ages & stages! Have a night in with one of your girlfriends or simply save with a double ticket purchase.

If you have been to this evening session before and are looking for more a session more tailored to your individual stage there is a half-day workshop both in Auckland and New Plymouth and a virtual workshop as well (see event page for all these events)