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Mega Christmas Bundle
Mega Christmas Bundle
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Mega Christmas Bundle

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Our Mega Christmas bundle has everything you need!

2 x Fruit Spreads

2 x Ginger People Cookie Mixes

2 x Books of your choice

Please note, the Fruit Spreads will be one Raspberry and Chia Seed and One Strawberry and Chia Seed, if you would like two of the same kind please specify in the order notes.

Gift wrapping available - If you would like a personalised message on the card please write the message in the order notes. 

Choose two books from the below:

1. My First Vegetables - Introducing your baby to the wonderful world of vegetables right from the start with bright colours and nutrition benefits explained in a nice simple way. With beautiful illustrations of her three boys, along with fun vegetable images, Dr Julie has selectively included all the vegetables included in her popular week-by-week guide from The Nourished Baby. This educational book provides a fun, helpful tool to start the conversation about vegetables even before your baby starts solids and right across their food journey. You can even match the vegetable you are up to in the week-by-week guide as you go. The book is in a hard copy, board book design which is perfect for little ones and can slip into a nappy bag for those times you need to keep them busy.  

2. The Nourished Bump - The Nourished Bump not only covers key nutrition and wellbeing areas for a healthy pregnancy, but also opens important topics typically not discussed from fertility, miscarriages to mental wellbeing. In addition, you will read stories from many family units and Dr Julie’s very frank experiences from her five pregnancies (two miscarriages and three full term babies). Plus you get over 30 wholefood recipes that show you just how to apply all the core nutrition principles in the book - this alone is worth getting the book for! Raw, honest, backed by the latest research and packed full of practical tips and recipes this is your must-have guide to support you through a healthy, nourished pregnancy.

3. The Nourished Baby -In The Nourished Baby Dr Julie explores all the big issues and the science before leading you through the ‘when’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of introducing solids. Food types – including how to deal with allergenic foods and special diets are also covered. With beautiful photographs, easy to read tables and diagrams, it really is your complete and indispensable guide to starting solids that works for modern lifestyles and budgets. 

4. The Nourished Toddler - This is your essential guide for navigating toddler feeding from the age of 10 months up until five years of age. Covering the science of this important developmental stage for your little one as well as those big questions on grains, introducing cows milk and toddler milk, dietary fat and tips to manage sugar. Plus Dr Julie's top strategies for how to actually get food into them especially the strong willed toddler. With detailed meal plans for each stage, a dozen recipe ideas, guidance on more specialist areas (like constipation and allergies) and more!

5. Baby and Toddler Cookbook - In this essential cookbook she takes her research and creative flair into the kitchen to produce over 80 simple wholefood recipes to nourish your baby and toddler through their food journey. Inside you will find six months’ worth of baby food ideas, finger food options for little explorers, and realistic main meals which have been toddler approved.

6. Feed The Tribe - In this highly anticipated cookbook, you get 100 wholefood recipes including three weeks’ worth of main meals alone to fill the ‘what is for dinner question’ and how to turn these easily into baby food. A third of these main meals are nutritiously balanced plant based options so you can include some meat-free ideas into your weekly menu which still prioritises iron and protein.

7. Dr Julie's Kitchen Fruit Spread Cookbook -  You will be so surprised at just what you can do with this "healthy jam". Inside this book you will find 20 brand new recipes including ideas for breakfast, snacks, savory options (!!) and sweet treats. In addition there are also 10 'simple suggestions' for very easy different ways to make the most of this fruit spread. Dr Julie also shares the story of how the fruit spread came to fruition and the vision behind Dr Julie's Kitchen as a food brand.