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  • Vegetable Platters for Kids

    In the journey to promote healthy eating habits, vegetable platters for kids become more than just a healthy snack – they become a culinary playgr...
  • Grain-Free Mussel Fritters

    As it is 'book anniversary' week I am sharing with you a favourite creation from my Baby and Toddler Cookbook. You can also check out the video on ...
  • Peanut Butter Humus

    Humus middle

    This recipe has been inspired by one of my special one-on-one clients who needs something D/F, G/F, S/F and onion and garlic free to help ease her little girls wind and colic while breastfeeding. I am also always on the look out for different way to get vegetables in to little ones (my boys included). Not to mention I am slightly obsessed with the new super seeded organic oatcakes from Nairns!

  • Healthy Christmas Fudge

    Long edited


    400g (or 2 small jars (195g) of almond butter

    8 Tb of coconut oil (well softened)

    2 heaped spoons of honey

    1 dash of vanilla essence

    Note: You can easily make this with half the mixture (almond butter can be expensive) you just need a small tin to set (if you want it high) or personally I found when I did a thin layer in the square cake tin it was more than enough as this is quite filling!


  • Raw Brownie (Dairy Free & Gluten Free)

    Brownie long

    I love a good brownie....actually I love anything that comes in a 'chocolate' I am always on a mission to create new healthy versions of my fav sweet treats. You just have to look through my dessert blog recipes to know this!. A healthy brownie recipe has been on my 'hit-list' and finally after a few attempts I nailed this on the weekend.

    I really wanted to create a brownie recipe that...
  • Baked Potato Chips

    Chip long edited

    Let us be honest, potato chips are quite irresistible. However, heavy processing of them has effectively rendered a favourite snack or side dish with very little nutrients and a few nasties in there.

    This recipe of mine is not fancy by any measure but turns our humble potato, skin still on into a homemade version which will be gobbled up (by big and little people) in seconds flat!




  • Roasted Cauliflower Dip

    Dip 2

    I love making vegetable dips...I do not get a lot of time now in the kitchen (especially on my own!) but making a vegetable based dip is something which I can whip up fairly easily and is not too delicate for when I have little helpers. This cauliflower dip is nice and light a fluffy so makes for a good lunch box addition. You can easily adjust the other ingredients or add a bit more extra virgin...
  • Egg and Spinach Cups (GF, DF)

    Blog 1

    This is a ridiculously super simple recipe - literally made with three ingredients which is a great way to explore egg (and leafy greens for the matter) for little ones. Some babies struggle with the texture of egg so this is something a bit different which is grain free and dairy free. You can adapt this to include pretty much any vegetable, and feel free to add some herbs as well.




  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bombs

    Energy 1

    Now I know I had you at the title of this recipe but I feel that I may just need to reassure you a bit more that these 'energy bombs' are indeed not just enticing but also good for you!

    These are what you would call high fat - they are very much packed full of good fat from peanut butter, coconut oil and butter. There has been a lot of emerging research around the importance of fat - including...
  • Peanut Butter & Blueberry Muffins - Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free

    The title says it all! Peanut buttery goodness with banana and blueberries (a match made in heaven) created into little muffin morsels which are gluten free, dairy free and sugar free!

    Recipe main

    This recipe is made with coconut flour so is totally gluten and wheat-free and the blueberries provide just that little bit of sweetness. This is a perfect snack option for little ones, including infants as there are...
  • Easy Beetroot Dip

    The color of this dip is just incredible! It is one of the reasons I love beetroot so much. This dip will impress party guests with very minimal effort....and you will look like a domestic goddess.

    Beetroot Dip 1

    This recipe uses the most simple ingredients with beetroot as the main base. It is a great way to boost vegetable intake up in a way that is so simple and actually fun! The hint of cumin really gives it...
  • Beetroot & Berry Teething Pops

    It does not get much better than teething pops made from vegetables! These also make great summer iceblocks or just to sneak in some nutritious ingredients in a really fun way!

    These teething pops are made from beetroot! Who would have guessed that you could have this awesome purple vegetable in a teething pop? Beetroot is a wonderful antioxidant, so when combined with berries (also high in...