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Simple Muesli Slice

This recipe is an incredibly simple creation of mine – fast and easy to whip up and can be easily adapted to suit your preferences. It uses banana and dates for natural sweetness so a great alternative to brought muesli-bars for a snack on the run. If you a short on time for breakfast you can also grab a slice as you go out the door. Both my boys love this slice so it has the official 'toddler seal of approval'.

2016-06-20 04.24.42


3-4 Large ripe bananas

3 Cups of plain or wholegrain oats (not rolled oats)

¾ Cup of chopped dates

½ cup sliced almonds (optional)

6-8 Brazil Nuts, finely chopped (optional)

2 tsp of vanilla essence

2 tsp of cinnamon (and extra sprinkling on the top)


Pre-heat the oven to 180°C and line a brownie/slice tin with baking paper and allow a 2cm overhang.

Mash the banana and add to a mixing bowl.

Add the remaining ingredients and combine well. Spoon into the prepared pan and smooth out with the back of a spoon. Lightly sprinkle extra cinnamon if desired.

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Bake for approximately 25-30 minutes or until golden on top. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely before cutting into small bars.

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Helpful Hints:

*The addition of nuts provides an extra source of protein and good fats. The Brazil nuts in particular are an important source of the mineral selenium. Selenium is an important antioxidant providing all our cells with protection against free radical damage and is vital for strong immune system.

*This recipe freezes really well. I will often make a slice in the weekend, cut it into portions and freeze in containers with some baking paper in between each slice. This means you can easily remove a slice at a time from the freezer.

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xx Dr Julie

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