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Product Review - LunchBox Inc.

With the turn of warmer weather here in New Zealand so too is the call of sun, sand, and the patter of little feet running free in our great outdoors. I do not know about you but I am glad to see the back of winter this year ….but let’s not get too carried away, taking little ones out and about is still a lot of work – no quietly lying on the beach with a book anymore! Nourishing with good food when you are away from the home can be nothing short of a mission; besides having healthy snacks on you is just part and parcel of leaving the house full stop and a quality lunch box a bare necessity as a mum.


I was recently sent two bento lunch boxes from LunchBox Inc. They arrived beautifully wrapped in brown paper with a hand written note. Now maybe I am old-school but I just love this personal touch. Opening the parcel you can very much tell these lunch boxes are designed and made from a New Zealand owned business just for kiwis (and kiwi-kids!).


The LunchBox Inc. Kiwi Box has a gorgeous kiwiana designed tray with lots of little compartments. At first I was a bit unsure about not having a big spot for a sandwich but the tray is removable and if I am really honest it encouraged me to be creative with other snacks – while still having some space for a perfect sandwich quarters. Children often won’t eat a proper full meal when they are out, rather wanting lots of choices for which this lunch box is perfect!


The stand-out feature of this lunch box is that it is completely leak proof. This means that you can actually have more liquid foods (for which there is a little spot just for this) and when it gets tipped upside side or tossed about a bit inside your bag each individual compartment stays sealed – good old kiwi ingenuity right there!


For slightly bigger meals or snacks LunchBox Inc. have a larger box and each individual compartment expands. When you are finished it collapses back down keeping space to a minimum. It even comes with its own ‘spork’ (that’s a spoon and a fork) which our Master nearly-4 took a particular liking too! I can actually see myself ‘borrowing’ this box to slip into my handbag for my days lecturing – who says kids get all the fun?!


We took these lunch boxes to the beach with our monkeys and as you can see they were a total hit! I do not claim to always have Pinterest perfect food, rather pure and simple ideas that I know kids will eat, takes small preparation and gets some good stuff in there too. So in these I took my mini bacon and egg pies, and my simple muesli slice (well this I took straight from the freezer!), chicken nibbles, Nairns oatcakes (previous review here), carrot sticks, cheese, yoghurt and some Vegemite sandwiches. The kids actually ate the apple before we left so popped in cheese slices while packing up! Healthy homemade food out and about was just so easy with these lunch boxes - to see them in action just jump on over to my YouTube channel!



As a final note, I am a big fan of buying quality products that last and which are safe for our children. Both of these boxes are made from 100% food grade safe materials and are free of from BPA, phthalates and iron. With our eldest son is just over a year off school now (how did that happened?!) I know these lunch boxes are going to be well and truly worth their weight in gold! You can buy them directly from LunchBox Inc. website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for loads of great recipe ideas and healthy inspiration.


x Dr Julie Bhosale

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