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Just One Thing!

Life as you know for us as a family is very busy right now…well it’s always busy…just a bit more than normal. As a mum we do often go through times of pressure and things just not going according to plan.

During these times we can really pile on the guilt by looking at all the things we are not doing!

This definitely applies to your food choices. It can be really easy to feel down when we see other people having kale smoothies, going out for runs (hair blowing in the breeze) and making perfect home-made lunch boxes….while you are wondering if you can actually get to the end of the day in one piece!

One of the strategies that I find works really well during these times is to do just one thing –take one action – that makes you feel in control of your food choices and overall health.


It can be as simple as making one batch of power balls to have in the fridge or planning what you will have for dinner for a couple of days (even if it is just an omelette or something from the freezer).

Consciously taking this action (or planning when you will do it) will make you feel immediately better and like you are in control – which is so important when things so out of your control!

Rather than playing into the guilt cycle of you are not enough this has the opposite effect. You will feel like everything you do thereafter is a real bonus (which it is!).

Moreover it will mean you actually have some food prepared (or the plan of what food to have) which will actually save you time and stress AND help you to eat better so it’s a real win-win.

This is exactly what I have done the last couple of weeks and it has worked really well. I made this batch of breakie bliss balls to take with me on my big writing retreat.

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I have loads of healthy fast recipes on the blog so be sure to check them out and remember you are enough – you are always enough!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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