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First Puree - Butternut Pumpkin

Both my boys started their solids journey with this puree. Pumpkin is a great first food, I really like butternut pumpkin to start with for it's natural taste and it is easy on the gastrointestinal tract. You can read about why I don't recommend baby rice or other infant cereal here.

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This recipe is more about guiding you in how to easily start your baby off on solids - the puree itself is super simple - and also how to boost iron levels but adding some meat in a second easy step!


1/2 Butternut Pumpkin

1 Chicken drumstick/2 chicken nibbles (for step 2)


The following will honestly help making your own baby food super fast!

Philips Avent Healthy Baby Food Maker

Silicon Baby Food trays 

Long-sleeved bib (available from Mum 2 Mum).


1. Prepare the butternut pumpkin by scooping out the seeds.

2016-07-11 03.32.27

2. Cut the pumpkin and either place into the Avent Blender to steam or you can bake for about 45minutes.

2016-07-11 03.32.15
2016-07-11 03.15.12

3. When steamed (takes 20mins in blender) simply flick over and pulse (or add from tray).

This is what I would recommend when trying food for the first time. When you feel bubs is ready - normally after a week or two of this once a day, try the next step of adding some meat like chicken. This will boost iron, fat, Vitamin B12 in particular.

2016-07-11 04.34.33

The easiest why I find to do this is just to add meat from the main family meal - a small amount - to the butternut and whiz up. You could even add a bit of the meat juices as well. You will notice the texture is thicker than before.

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First Bite

My Simple Spiced Chicken Slow Cooker is a great recipe to adapt to bubs at this stage. Plus all my recipes in Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums can also be adapted too - it was one of the reasons I created this cook book which accompanies my new book - The Nourished Baby - your ultimate step-by-step guide to starting solids!

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